We are a mother- daughter brand based in El Salvador, a tinny little, colorful country.

I love to illustrate and design different types of handbags, accessories, and home products with fabrics I illustrate by hand. Mirna, my mom, joined me on this adventure and together we create products with the best materials, functional designs and the highest quality. Through my illustrations and my brand, I like to create authentic emotional connections, I am inspired by stories that seek to empower women to believe in their abilities and their dreams and that encourage them to be their authentic selves.

Each one of our products seeks to accompany women in the most important moments of their live and they are uniquely made by hand and by Salvadoran artisans. It is very important for us to encourage the value of this creative process. Our artisans grow along with our brand and add value to our products. The final result in a unique piece of art, full of good feelings and made with love.


"Beyond designing a product, we illustrate stories and transform them into capsules of emotions, perfect allies that keep your secrets, empower you, and accompany you to live the best stories of your life."